The multimedia art exhibition “Monet2Klimt” consists of over 140 carefully chosen main works of Oscar-Claude Monet, Vincent Willem van Gogh and Gustav Klimt. Paintings are animated and projected to the huge walls on 360 degrees. All projected images convey the true color texture and patterns of original paintings allowing spectators to have insight of thinnest details of a single painting. It also gives an advantage to people to see many of paintings that are in private collections and have never been displayed in public. To make the experience of art fulfilled, the entire projection is followed by classical notes of well-known melodies and sound effects. The action is taking place 45 minutes. Sessions are being played on non-stop, so the visitor can join any time and will find himself at once in the world of art and music.

Monet, Van Gogh and Klimt – those three geniuses, each on their own way, were pioneers in making postulates and direction of change from ‘classical’ into ‘modern’ art. Their vision and talent followed by controversy and non-acceptance of society at that time are our inspiration of believing that art is a free spirit land of imagination and through this digital seeing each of us will be having unique opportunity to:

  • See the patterns and canvas layers of the impressionism of Monet
  • Feel the Van Gogh’s post-impressionism colors and vision of art
  • Understand the controversial Art Nouveau and symbolism of Klimt

Each of our exhibition is projected in certain time frame. Different themes are coming up so make sure you stay tuned!

Our Motto: See. Feel. Understand. Art!

Step into the world of 22nd century visuals of old classics and be carried by all your senses into the magic of art.