New events venue Helios Hall is situated in old town of Tallinn at the the former Helios cinema, what was the firs cinema in Tallinn.  The venue is unique not only because of location and his history, but also because of opportunity to create unforgettable atmosphere of the event using opportunity of projection to 360 degrees. The HeliosHall main hall is equipped with 18 projectors and 8 speakers giving the entire venue fully visualized space covered with perfect sound. The projection is spread on 380 sqm at height of 4.5 m. Having such product we are offering it as the ideal venue for all kind of themed parties, product launches or corporate meetings. In addition to main hall 380 sqm we have addiotional rooms on the first and second floor. The total area of Helios Hall is 960m2.

Previous events:
Gala dinner – 120 persons
Wedding – 140 persons
Liis Leemsalu album presention – 250 persons
Accousion Music Festival – 300 persons
Film Festival PÖFF party – 600 persons

Alion Baltic orchestra and Goltsman ballet on multimedia art exhibition – 50 – 100 persons

Capacity of the Helios Hall:

Birthday party, meeting (table with snack, watching multimedia art exhibition Monet2Klimt) ⁓ 10-70 persons

Seminar, conference (with small tables and chairs) ⁓ till 250 persons

Event with catering ⁓ till 200 persons (depends of table sizes)

Event with snacks ⁓ till 350 persons (without sitting places)

Event without catering ⁓ till 500 persons

Please contact us directly to get all additional information. Please write at: or call +372 553 9755

Additionally, we are also open for any kind of negotiations in regards to the sponsorships and support of multimedia art exhibition Monet2klimt.