On the middle of the old town of Tallinn in the former Helios cinema is taking place new futuristic project Helios Hall, venue is transformed into 360 degree digitalized images projection and equipped with 18 projectors and 8 speakers giving the entire venue fully visualized space covered with perfect sound.

From the march 2017 till the 31.august 2019 at the Helios Hall is taking place multimedia art exhibition „Monet2Klimt“, what redefines traditional museum experience and transforms the world’s art classics into the dimension of new digital era. The exhibition was created by the international team more then two years. The same exhibtion is taking place in Germany. In the future there will be introduce from us new multimedia art exhibitions.

In addition to exhibition at Helios Hall is possible to host different events. More information about public events you could find on our facebook page: Helios Hall Tallinn / Monet2Klimt