Every event is different and special. Each of them has its own distinct audience, tone, personality and set of business objectives.
Helios Hall team focuses on streaming logistics so that your event can be unique and remembered by using our latest technologies to transform the venue into “another world”.

The interactive space at Helios Hall is unique opportunity to create unforgettable atmospherefor your event using projection of 360 degrees with custom made theme. The HeliosHall main hall is equipped with projectors and  speakers giving the entire venue fully visualized space covered with perfect sound

Helios Hall venue is offering:

  • Fully equiped space with sets of projectors, speakers, mics
  • ™Opportunity to turn space into custom made theme
  • ™Unique multimedia art exhibition Monet2Klimt as a part of the venue ™ Projection on 4,5 m high walls with 360 degrees view
  • ™Total space of 730sqm (divided into different rooms)
  • ™2 floors; along with stage and balcony
  • ™Convenient location at the old town (Sauna Street tn 1-3)
  • ™Unusual scene with old frescoes

This interactive space is an ideal venue for all kind of themed parties, product launches, corporate meetings or performances.

Capacity of the Helios Hall:


Capacity in the Main Hall

Standing Events

Up to 350 people

Standing Events with Standing Tables

Up to 200 people

Seated events with table set up

Up to 120 people

Seated events without tables – theatre style

Up to 150 people

Please contact us directly to get all additional information. Please write at: or call +372 553 9755