Helios Hall Tallinn                                                  

Sauna tn 1, Tallinn  (old town), (entance on the middle of the sauna street, in front of the Sigmund Freid bar)

Info: +3725901 9541

Exhibition is open every day: 12.00-20.00, expect on time, when at Helios Hall take place EVENTS. More information about events you could find on mainpage or on our FB page


Helios Hall Manager

Olga Balanina
Phone nr.: +3725539755



HeliosHall Tallinn is symbolically located on the premises of first and oldest cinema in Tallinn – Helios Kino, which was first opened in 1917, celebrating its 100th birthday this year in a complete new redesigned look. The venue is located in medieval Old Town area, steps away from the main gate at Viru Street – at Sauna tn 1-3. The venue dates from the same era when the paintings were made, so by entering it you literally step under the roof of one big historian era.

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